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Bliss Solutions is an enterprise to provide life solutions consultations, focused on identifying everyday issues related to living in our times by a common sense approach, rooted in ancient science. We help people to “Live in bliss” by resolving their inner & outer conflicts.

Abhinav is a Vastu Consultant with attention to improving your lifestyle in a positive way. His recommendations were very helpful for my family.
Arun Phadnis, President at LTI Inc
Abhinav Bhai is very good family friend of ours. He indeed help us doing vastu at our home. He really has very good knowledge in his field and we were very happy with him the way he always treat his friends and clients.
Hemang Parikh, Sr Oracle Apps DBA
His knowledge of Vastu is immense; his work and suggestions produce valuable results; I highly recommend him for his efficiency, professionalism,
timely delivery of services, and his love for his work, and the compassion, and the sincerity with which he delivers it.
Savitri Rambhatla, Medical Doctor
Abhinav specialises in erasing problems for individuals and families with his Art of Placement or Vastu Shastra – the Indian version of Feng Shui
I highly recommend him for his dedication and professionalism is helping individuals and families getting back on track with right flow of energy in their homes and businesses
Harpreet Bali, Broker Associate at London Properties Inc
Abhinav gets quite deep in to whatever he takes up and finds way to add value to whoever comes in touch with him. You can get a lot out of someone like Abhinav.
JM Sampath Ph.D, MD Arpitha Associates, Social Entreprenuer, Angel Investor, Ashoka Fellow and a Student Of the School called Life.
Mr Abhinav Mehta is Vastu Shastra/Energy Consultant. We have used his services at home and in our business. We have seen the change in our life and also in business.
He is good at what he does and is very kind hearted.
Pradeep Bali, BIZ4LOANS
Recently I was introduced to Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian Science of managing the cumulative effects of the energies of the Five Elements, Magnetic fields, Solar and other cosmic energies. Water bodies and height of objects around your home or business mean a lot for improving or diminishing the results of your efforts. For long time I wanted to find a dedicated and a devoted person specialist in Vastu Shastra consultation, it just happened recently.

One of my close friend and my client Gnanashanmugam Elumalai introduced me to Abhinav. Gnanashanmugam was so proud of his decision to hire him for managing the Vastu Energy for his first home. Their life improved dramatically in matter of short period. I valued Gnanashanmugam’s opinion, and we decided to work with Abhinav. He travels all over the US and India to help people like you and me.

After a lot of alterations in my home in Irvine where I am living for more than 11 Years, amazingly many changes in life happened as the energy in the house changed. Loose connections in few relationships improved automatically. Many flaws in life and other personal concerns, I can’t share publicly started improving gradually. I followed his instructions without any reservations; some of these projects were not very pocket-book friendly, but the results were worth the effort. He fixed some major Vastu flaws in our home and improved many issues that were holding us back and draining our resources for years.

My family is very satisfied with his expertise of Vastu Energy Management and service, any time we call him; he is available with a big smile and a solution. You can say “Honey, Nectar, Sugar, Maple Syrup as many time as you may like, but the real meaning of the words makes sense only till you experience a drop or spoon full of it. Little sometimes MAJOR (in my case) fine tuning of energies at home or business can show amazing results. If you know someone and you want to help them in their life’s common challenges like health, relationship, finances please direct them to Abhinav @ 213 422-5725. They will love him for life and also will be very grateful to you

Deepak Chauhan, Realtor at Realty ONE Group Irvine
The experience of meeting with Abhinav and witnessing him ‘doing
Vastu’ in our home was very inspirational, and the results have
changed our family’s life in beautiful ways. Ever since Abhinav
optimized the energy flow in our home, we’ve enjoyed more harmony and
peace in the house. My husband and I, both self employed, feel more of
a sense of calm and faith that we are provided for financially. Our
friends have commented on ‘how different’ our place feels, asking if
we’d changed the furniture. Our children are using their room more to
play in – harmoniously. Every room seems to ‘give energy’ now, and is
inviting to be in. Also, it seems that since the Vastu, I have finally
truly begun to reap the fruits of years of hard and focused work. For
four years I had been wanting to build a website for my healing
practice, and shortly after Abhinav’s ‘magic’, I finally wrote and
launched my website. I am ‘getting things completed’ effortlessly now.
There is no more energy ‘leaking out’. Thank you Abhinav, for your
generous spirit, your mastery of this wonderful teaching and for your
infectious joy. You’ve greatly enriched our lives.
We requested Abhinav for providing vastu consulting for our house in 2009. He is very efficient and professional with a good knowledge of Vastu.
He explained all the intricacies of Vastu and how he goes about analyzing a structure. He did a thorough analysis and recommended the things that needed to be modified/fixed. Good part was that he provided effective and easy solutions. We are happy with the work that he did and would definitely use his services again.
Tanmay Bhide, Advanced Technology Lab
Abhinav and I met each other few months ago at a business event. I’m very impressed with his in-depth knowledge of Vastu and his willingness to share and answer questions. Abinav’s passion and drive to help individual for a better wellbeing is truly amazing and praise worthy. He is very honest, loyal person who I consider a dear friend
Kaushik Patel, Assistant Project Manager, Pearl Hospitality
Abhinav is a compassionate , caring individual with high regard for client confidentiality and customized approach to providing solutions for individual needs.
He is a subject matter expert in remedial Vastu application in domestic and commercial settings with utmost professionalism and dedication. I am impressed with his indepth knowledge of the subject and his willingnes to share and answer questions. His interventions with remedial Vastu applications have benefitted me greatly and I would recommend him without reservation
Asha Chopra, Medical Director at SCAN Health Plan
I have known Abhinav for over 20 years. Abhinav is a very genuine person and always keeps your best interest in mind. Abinav’s passion and drive to provide solutions for a better wellbeing is truly amazing and praise worthy. I recently consulted Abhinav for vastu of my home and office and have since then seen positive changes. I wish Abhinav the very best in his consulting practice
Sherif Thaver, Change Catalyst at WorldWinn and CEO at To Be Canada