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How to take an Aura Photograph

  •         The minimum room size is 10 by 10 feet
  •         Wall must be clean and white, light colors will do
  •         Keep the light stand 6 feet away from the person
  •         The bulb must be three feet away from the person and should be one foot above the head
  •         Ask the person to remove all clothes (except undergarments) and any other articles
  •         Women can wear pants
  •         Stand the person adhering to the wall, so that there is no shadow.
  •         Adjust the bulb according to the person’s height
  •         Switch off all lights besides the aura bulb. There should be no source of light and avoid being around mirrors.
  •         Start taking photographs of full body and major parts one by one

Sequence of Photographs

  1. First Take Half Body (Without Zoom).
  2. Now zoom & take only Face and throat).
  3. Take only chest (By Zoom).
  4. Take full abdomen (By   Zoom).
  5. Take Both Legs (Without Zoom).
  6. Take close up of knees (By Zoom).
  7. Turn right & take half body normally   (Without Zoom).
  8. Turn to back stick to wall take half body (Without Zoom).
  9. Zoom & take back of the head.
  10.    Zoom   takes upper back & neck.
  11.    Zoom & take back (Lumbar) area.
  12.   Take full leg (Without Zoom).
  13.   Take Close up of back of Leg (By Zoom).
  14.   Turn left take half body (Without Zoom).
  15.    Zoom & take close up of liver area.