Attach a drawing of your property using the following instructions:

These are the instructions for the analysis. Please make a sketch on an 8 1/2” x 11” piece of paper (see instructions below). You can also use an existing plan that comes with closing documents, if you have purchased your residence. Apartment plans might be available to you online. Please take a photo of the sketch, house plan or online apartment plan using your cell phone and include the information below:1.   Your address
2.   A sketch or plan of your residence with a north arrow indicated on it. You can use to figure out north – it will always be the top of your computer. Take a picture of the sketch and attach it.
3.   Please include how long have you lived in the residence and email any health, relationship, finance, career or sleep issues since living there.
4.   The sketch does not have to be to scale.
5.   If it is a house with property, sketch the shape of the property and place the house on it.
6.   Show the direction of any water bodies, which includes, fountains, pools, lakes, rivers, oceans, etc.
7.   Include the outer shape of the residence and show if there are any missing corners or extensions.
8.   Indicate all doors and windows.
9.   Indicate all fire elements: stove, fireplace, electrical panel, hot water tank, furnace.
9.   Include all toilets, and again indicate indoor and out of door fountains, pool and/or any body of water.
10. Show the position of beds and desks and if there are any sloping ceilings and beams above them.